About us

Beijing Bohui Innovation Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as: the Company) was established in 2001; a system supplier focusing on the integration of R&D, production, sales and after-sales services of in vitro diagnostic products; a high-tech enterprise recognized by Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission; headquartered in the scenic Zhongguancun Life Science Park, Changping District, Beijing; with Bohui comprehensive R&D production base covering an area of about 30,000 square meters. In May 2012, the Company was successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM, with stock referred to as "Bohui innovation" and code "300318."

The Company has strong proprietary R&D strength, and establishes a R&D management platform synchronized with world-class standards. The Company is committed to intelligent, fast and integrated clinical laboratory products with easy operations; relying on outstanding R&D capabilities, through continuous technological innovation, has basically formed the three-technology-platform based on atomic absorption spectrometry technology in clinical application for rapid detection of human element, immunofluorescence technology in clinical application for rapid detection, and microfluidic molecular detection application technology; and successfully achieves the industrialization of products related to above-mentioned R&D platforms. Wherein atomic absorption spectrometry technology in clinical application for rapid detection of human element, was first developed by Bohui and applied in medical testing & diagnostic industry, which promotes its wide range of applications in the medical detection and diagnosis industry. Bohui's human element detection system becomes a leading enterprise in this field with its advantages of being precise and fast.

The main products of the Company include: human element detection system, vitamin D test kits and infectious pathogen detection system. Wherein human element detection system specimens exceeded 20 million person-times in 2012, with market share of over 50%, which is truly the industry leader. The company has developed and launched a new product-- vitamin D test kit, combined with human element detection system to form a complete micronutrient detection system, which is closer to the market to meet customer needs. Infectious pathogen detection system has achieved joint rapid and accurate detection of four diarrhea viruses. At present the Company is developing ten infectious pathogens detection project, including respiratory pathogens, CRP, and PCT, which will achieve the goal of one machine with multi-item detection.

The Company has relatively complete medical device industry qualifications - medical equipment production license and business license; has passed GB/T19001idtISO9000, YY/T0287idtISO13485 quality management system certification; and establishes comprehensive R&D production process control, quality assurance system norms, and project output quality assurance. The Company's currently market available products have obtained medical device product registration certificates, in which BH5300 atomic absorption spectroscopy and BH2100S atomic absorption spectrometer have obtained CE certification; BH7100 atomic absorption spectrometer has obtained "proprietary innovation product certification". In recent years, the Company has also undertaken a number of major national projects, such as a National Twelfth Five-Year Project (microfluidic molecular diagnostic testing system project), a National 863 Project (research project on medical ICP-MS human trace elements analysis system) and so on.

Bohui Company has the most excellent marketing services network in China, with high quality products and comprehensive technical services to win the market and praises of the majority of users; currently serving over 3,000 health care institutions in 31 provinces and autonomous regions in China. Through regional breakdown and classification management, the Company sets up 23 offices nationwide, achieves effective management of sales network, and establishes cooperative relationships with over 1,000 dealers around China.